Title: Epic
Artist: Faith No More
Album: The Real Thing
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Faith No More - Epic

Title: It Gets Worse
Artist: Mindless Self Indulgence
Album: How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit and Love
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Hey, you, baby you don’t know how bad it’s gonna get.

If you think shit sucks now,

you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Beauty to the eye does not always translate to the touch.
Naimah, Femeref philosopher.
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     ”It’s about time you got here, these silk sheets don’t warm themselves~”

She doesn’t actually feel the cold, if there was any, and neither does he but it makes a fine excuse to slide closer to the angel and nuzzle into his neck.



     James rarely ever had time to even make his own entertainment, but he still knew what she meant. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to enjoy your free time. “I’m James. It’s nice to meet you Meg.”


Well. That certainly wasn’t something that she heard often. Between her penchant for sarcasm, mockery and violence it was rare for her company to be appreciated.

     ”Good to meet you too, James. So, what does a cute guy like you do for recreation around here?”



According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.




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вσяє∂σм ιѕ ∂αηgєяσυѕ


What a strange book, he almost scoffs. Usually teenagers are given money, gift cards, a useless present or maybe if you’re lucky one that is a bit too useful— you know, the one’s only parents or family can give without an excuse? But this… Pale fingers pick up the item, analyzing it’s cover that’s written in a language he doesn’t particularly understand yet the inside he can read. That’s the first strike- and Sasuke isn’t fond of such things. Magic, miracles- those are for children and a book like this could only be a joke. No, he has no use for it but still it sits there on his desk- almost staring at him with the withered cover that feels like leather and pages so delicate it’s a surprise each time he touches the yellowed material it doesn’t just disintegrate.

It really is a present only Naruto could give. But he hadn’t.

Itachi had.

Brow furrows briefly in his scrutinization- shuffling deeper into his chair and the volume on his music is increased but eyes are defiant as they continuously wander. Their annoying flickers becoming incessant- the intervals between them less and less until finally those words blasting in ears become nothing more than a dull hum against his thoughts. Tch- the boy raises, moving and grabbing the volume with a bit too much force- just a testament to his impatience with the matter. He really should throw it away, it’s so ridiculous. But instead pages flutter open, reading yet another passage and a sneer accompanies him this time.

How to summon a demon.  Yeah, yeah— but he’s rather bored and… it’s so stupid… But no one is around and Sasuke is darkly tempted. A terrifying emotion, one that fuels him to sneak out past his parents and grab the candles needed- shuffling through art supplies to find dark charcoal and willingly the symbols are drawn on the desk with precision, the candles lit. Their heat radiating far more than what is normal, heartbeat stuttering if only for a moment before being forcibly pulled back in- expression becoming neutral before speaking again.

{ 再生 }— “Idiotic.”

A deep breath and…

{ 再生 }— “Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me.” 

It seems a long while before he breathes, nothing happening- it figures, really. Lips finally release a sigh as fingers card through those dark tresses, a small tendency with situations such as these. He’s embarrassed or rather annoyed with himself but no matter… not that he actually expected much and anatomy turns…


It didn’t come in a puff of smoke nor a grand fissure in the ground like they make you believe. Surprisingly it was normal and Sasuke freezes, taking a step back as he stares at a womanWho are you?


{ 再生 }— “…..”

Meg couldn’t remember the last time anyone had summoned her. 

She had become used to being just a survivor biding her time. Not being called on, or her presence requested for petty bargains like the crossroads demons. 

Yet now, in the Hell she held dominion over, the walls trembled as a tug of magic pulled at her demonic essence. It was an old ritual, one nobody had used in centuries to call upon her kind and this piques Meg’s interest more than anything else, so she follows to answer the call.


The demon had expected a researcher, someone who had buried himself in an old tome and experimented with how to summon her kind, not a… teenager. It wasn’t entirely unexpected though, and Meg figured that perhaps she could have some fun with this one. Eyes bleed to black, two oily pits gazing at him as he stares.

     ”Hey kid.”

A hand reaches out to mute his music from a distance, a meaningless display of power but Meg doesn’t intend on wasting any time convincing him that she is the real deal. With a widening, predatory grin she approaches, other hand buried casually in her pocket.

Powerful enough demons can gauge a soul easily, smell a person’s sin and judge their worth. This one is innocent, but so prideful and he craves much; all of which are things Meg can manipulate.

"I’m your fairy godmother, Sasuke," she smirks with the sarcasm. "Now, did you want something? Anything. Name it and it’s yours. Pro bono. Well, all I ask this time is that you let the candles burn all the way down ‘til they die. That’s all."

A test, as it were. Give him a taste of power, let him crave, and let the cost escalate.

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Well this was someone she did N O T expect to see.


Meg? You’re alive?

     ”That I am, princess. Don’t be so surprised, I’m harder to kill than you think.”